At Home With … Tiffany

Who: Tiffany Porter, Owner of Old Hollywood
Where: Greenpoint, Brooklyn
What: 1-Bedroom Railroad Apartment

WC: How long have you lived in the space?

Tiffany Porter: Right at a year.

WC: What did it look like when you originally moved in?

TP: Pretty scrappy. My landlord loves to just haphazardly throw linoleum down so the floors were caked with layers of linoleum I had to rip up and the walls were all a light yellow/orange, or white.

WC: So you did all this work yourself?

TP: I did. It was pretty hilarious. I ran into so many people on the streets when I was hauling wood and fixtures. I am sure they thought I was crazy. Last summer, (when I was working on the apartment) I was just constantly covered in wood stain and paint. I looked pretty rough for about a month.

WC: Do you have any future plans you are working on for the interior?

TP: The front room (which you guys unfortunately couldn’t shoot because it is housing my new store) is going to be a theater room.  We are hanging a hammock back there and getting a projector.  I recently just moved a bunch of stuff out for the new shop so my office is now out of my apartment and I have tons of new space to work with. I am turning the room I was using as my office into a painting studio, so I am pretty excited about that. You guys will have to come back and shoot those two rooms!


Photography by Jamie Beck


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  3. Sandra Conti says:

    I first saw the photo’s of Tiffany’s Brooklyn apt. from Jamie Beck’s Twitter site. Amazing photos, amazing apartment, all the colors, love the retro/eclectic look it has, very bohemian.

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