Suki Cheema

Suki Cheema Home is a collection for sleeping and living – including hand crafted pillows, quilts, throws, napkins and tablecloths. A love affair between art, travel and textiles, the range is inspired by Cheema’s travels through India.

Having taken hundreds of photos and translating them to prints, Suki caught the attention of Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren – all of whom enlisted his talents for color textiles print making. After meeting Diane von Furstenberg in 2002, Suki joined the creative team to work on all prints for this iconic brand. Inspired by von Furstenberg to be passionate and follow his dreams, Cheema has launched Suki Cheema Home, an exclusive collection of pillows, quilts and rugs that debuted in January 2010.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail on each and every piece creates modern day heirlooms that will be sure to warm and enhance any home.

To see more of Suki’s designs click here.

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