At Home With … Judith Henry

Who: Judith Henry, Artist
Where: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
What: 1-Bedroom Townhouse with Artist Studio


WC: How long have you lived in the space?

JH: In 2006, I sold my loft in Soho where I had lived for over 30 years and bought this apartment, sight unseen. Since the building wasn’t finished, I only saw some construction, a floorplan and the model suite.


WC: What did it look like when you originally moved in?

JH: It looked pretty much like all the other new construction apartments all over the city. Clean lines, new fixtures, new kitchen, and not enough closet space and only one electrical outlet per room. But it had my two requirements: a separate floor for my art studio with a separate entrance and a backyard to plant a garden.

WC: Where do you spend most of your time at home?

JH: In the studio making art.

WC: Do you have any future plans you are working on for the interior?

JH: Nope.


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