Boys of Brooklyn

Boys. It’s a topic everyone knows something about. We caught up with a few strapping, and notably talented, male specimens around Brooklyn. Turns out, it ain’t all beers, baseball and blow jobs (well, sometimes it is). Find out what they had to say.


Eric Lyle Lodwick

Occupation: Musician

Years in New York: 5

What neighborhood do you live in?  WIlliamsburg

Where are you originally from?  Baltimore

What brought you to New York?  It’s the coolest city on earth.

Favorite things to do in New York? Perform, go to the parks, bike
around, eat!

Best New York moment: Watching the fireworks on the East
River from Williamsburg in the summer of 2006. Yachts and party boats
lined up forming a sort of ampitheatre connecting Manhattan and
Brooklyn. They were blasting their horns and before us was Manhattan
in all its glory.

Anything exciting you’re working on now?  My band BRAHMS has an album
coming out next year, so I’m very ready for that to happen.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Performing around the world


Michael Chernow

Occupation: Restaurantuer

Years in New York: 30

What neighborhood do you live in? Williamsburg

Where are you originally from? Manhattan

What brought you to New York? Being born

Favorite things to do in New York? I am a runner. Running the bridges in NYC is one of my most favorite things to do, especially running over the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan at around dusk when the sun is going down. Riding my bike up to Central Park and relaxing in the Meadow is also one of my favorite things to do, brings me back to my childhood.

Best New York moment: Opening night for The Meatball Shop in the Lower East Side with a line around the corner, never felt better.

Anything exciting you’re working on now? I’m opening a new Meatball Shop on Greenwich Ave. and Perry St. I also have a cookbook coming out Nov. 1: “The Meatball Shop Cookbook.”

Where do you see yourself in five years? Opening restaurants and spending my weekends upstate with the wife and kids


Amos Mac

Occupation: Media Mogul, Photographer

Years in New York: 5 years now, combined. I’m a 2nd-time transplant.

What neighborhood do you live in? Bed Stuy

Where are you originally from? Augusta and Philadelphia

What brought you to New York? Being most inspired by creating photo images of people, usually other artists and people of trans experience who are generally under-represented in the media, I wanted to come back to this city. It has an unlimited, ever-changing pool of human beings that I can photograph and collaborate with on many different levels.

Favorite thing to do in New York? Work.

Best New York moment: The best moment was arriving back! After a treacherous drive across the country in a moving truck with my best friend, it was a relief to land back into the hands of Brooklyn and into our new Bed Stuy manor — with our 100 boxes of “can’t live without” items and 3 random body forms transported from San Francisco.

Anything exciting you’re working on now? Printing photographs for an exhibition in Los Angeles at Luis De Jesus Gallery, featuring images I made in collaboration with artist Zackary Drucker, titled “DISTANCE IS WHERE THE HEART IS / HOME IS WHERE YOU HANG YOU HEART.”  Besides that, publishing and editing two print periodicals (Original Plumbing, Translady Fanzine) and one online component ( takes up the majority of my time. That’s why it’s important to me that both print projects are so photo-heavy. Creating photographic images for my projects and for other people helps me breathe. Pushing myself to new levels of exhaustion to create the art I want to make is exciting to me.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Expanding my transsexual media empire.


Jonnie Flatbush

Occupation: Artist/Illustrator

Years in New York: I was born and raised here. Back and forth through different parts of Brooklyn. Of course, Flatbush is where I would call home. My Father is from Queens and my mother is from Harlem. They met in Brentwood and had a whole bunch of kids.

What neighborhood do you live in? Bushwick. It’s such a different world. The art scene is booming, and you can meet people from all over the states and all over the world. It’s a very influential neighborhood.

Favorite things to do in New York? I really like meeting people. I just like finding out about things they’ve seen and been through. Reading is another love of mine.

Best New York moment: Halloween as a kid. Even though I couldn’t celebrate it (I was raised as a Jehovah Witness) we used to get a group of sixty kids together with shaving cream, eggs, and 40 oz.’s and go crazy around the neighborhood.

Worst New York moment: Being locked up. I was in jail during 9/11 and remember how unbelievable it was watching it unfold through a TV screen …worried about my friends and my family so much. The phones in the facility were down for days and people were trying to convince themselves it was a prank.

Anything exciting your working on now? Some street art, nothing too crazy, but very exciting. I think people look at it as giving back to the community in a way, it’s nice to participate.

Where do you see yourself five years? I don’t see myself living in New York anymore. I would really like to be living in one of three places: Amsterdam, Paris, or Spain.


Kitao Sakurai

Occupation: I run a film & TV company called Naked Faces with my creative partner Andrew Barchilon. Last year I directed a movie called “Aardvark” that we’re about to release.

Years in New York: 10!

What neighborhood do you live in? I live in a loft down by the river.

Where are you originally from?  I was born in Kinugasa, Japan but grew up in Cleveland.

What brought you to New York?  I had my sights set on NYC ever since I was a little kid

Favorite things to do in New York? A good shvitz at the 10th street baths, noodles in Queens and the beach.

Best or worst New York moment:  My simultaneous best/worst moment was when I was living deep in Flatbush a number of years ago. The entire building should have been condemned, but boy was it cheap. It was just after the blackout, the trains weren’t running and we had absolutely NOTHING to eat except for a big jar of homemade duck confit that Doug, my roommate, had smuggled in from France.  Thank God we had gas and a few potatoes — we ate like kings in that squalid hole of an apartment.

Anything exciting you’re working on now? Yeah! Andrew and I are about to direct/produce a new series for Adult Swim.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Selling bottled water at Burning Man.

Josh Shaw

Occupation: Producer and Graphic Design

Years in New York: 8

What neighborhood do you live in? Greenpoint

Where are you originally from? The South

What brought you to New York?  My girlfriend at the time, and I were creatively and socially dried up in the town we were living in, so we decided to pack up and leave. I guess its cliché, but we came for something better.

Favorite thing to do in New York? In all honesty, getting coffee in the morning in the summer. I just sit there for a bit and just catch my breath. It’s really the best part of my day. Boring right?

Best New York moment: The best moments for me are these handful of times, regardless of the circumstance, meeting a few of these very important people that impact my life forever. There is a real finite moment associated. It’s a feeling, a split second. These are the best New York moments for me. They change the way you see the place, they make the magic that everyone fetishizes.

Anything exciting you’re working on now?  I’m currently working on …

Where do you see yourself in five years? I don’t know. Not in a pessimistic or nihilistic way or for lack of ambition to become better by the day, but just because I feel like my life is in so much flux currently. If I were to dream, I’d say in five years I’d be stable.



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