Do you feel safer or more alienated by the police presence in NYC?



9 December 19

That’s what we wanted to know. Working Class hit the streets to see what people in Brooklyn had to say.

I feel neither, but it depends on the situation.

Sarah Kosloff outside the Fort Greene Flea Market

A city will always be safer when it’s police force fails to discriminate between criminal and citizen, harassing both equally. So, safe yes; comfortable no.

Michael Castillejos on Dean and Smith Street

It doesn’t affect me.  It is something I try not to think about, I can’t let it affect me.  The sniper towers are extremely bothersome, though.

Johnathan Coward with Karla Melo on Havemeyer and Metropolitan

As tourists we like it, someone to always help you find your way!

Aya Nakayashiki and Mayu Tsuruta

Well, I think it depends where in NYC you’re talking about – some areas there are so many police officers it feels like Disney World! Of others there are not enough…  I think they help when they’re there.

Shira Becker a step away from Sprout Home

For me, it’s a double edge sword.  I’ve been the victim of false imprisonment which probably would not have happened had there been fewer police officers.  At the same time, we live in NYC.  Now, while NYC is much safer than a lot of other major metropolitan areas, crazy shit still happens.

Allan Schoening 4th Ave in Park Slope


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