The girls at Domestic Construction have never been ones to rest on their heels. With the passing days come new inspirations, new projects and an ever-growing mountain of fabrics and potential design materials.

Their latest creation is Grounded, their fresh take on interior/exterior mats. In Grounded, the girls have downsized their experiences in large-scale installations for your apartment’s sake. The process starts with various materials being crafted into idiosyncratic designs as unique and inimitable as any given day in the sun and light breeze. High quality scans of these images allowed them to be digitally dyed using a process that soaks the ink into each thread, just as the design itself soaks into your eyes and imparts new ideas to your subconscious. When looking at these designs, one is left feeling like they are looking at the original pasted collage itself, sensing all of the various textures and layers, and yet as the door smoothly passes over it you realize they are indeed flat and that you have fallen for another optical illusion. They pop out of the surrounding space in a way that makes you rethink your current definition of the word “doormat”. They are washable, rollable, available in two sizes and work equally well inside or outside. This is art you can walk on and a mat that you can discuss. This is what Domestic Construction is all about, altering the everyday to make the mundane into the muse. Because which one of us doesn’t need a little kiss on the cheek on your way out the door?


To see more of the Grounded collection click here.

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