Store Profile: Hollander and Lexer and Darr



3 November 19

Photography by Winnie Au
Words by Katie Stolowits

If there was a men’s wardrobe that I could handpick myself, it would be found at Hollander and Lexer, as the garments collected define my “If I was a guy, this is what I would wear” style. The store, the second of its namesake, has gathered the best of Rogan, Rag and Bone and Paul Smith in a very cool, dark wooded and gold embellished environment. The inventory defines the metro sexual aesthetic (which FYI, is a good thing, as the antithesis, logo-ed t-shirts, less than desirable) and the concepts of Dressy Casual / Casual Cool.

And if you are in the neighborhood, Darr, its sister shop next store, is an equally impressive spot. While the exterior of the place certainly gives off the same feel, the inventory avoids any duplication. If Hollander and Lexer define my ideal man’s style, Darr’s antiques define his home.

The collection of both handmade goods and rare finds (the owners’ habitual trips up and down the coast are clearly successful ventures) are all enviable pieces and inspired by a natural and fibrous thematic. Due to the range of inventory, in Darr’s case, furniture, feather dusters, coin-pressed jewelry, a quill and ink pot, and gold rusted doorbells, I often find that antique stores suffer from little cohesiveness; but Darr completely evades giving off this impression. My visit there forced me to contemplate if my previous evening out was worth sacrificing the vanity mirror “I could have bought.” Oh well. At least I made-out.

The two Metropolitan Avenue stores are HIGHLY recommended, and while their respective visions are different, the exquisite taste of each collection allow one to easily believe that the same Moroccan and Irishman had their hand in both.


  • Fiona
    November 4, 2019 at 05:08

    like this shop

  • Peter
    November 10, 2019 at 19:32

    so nice. I like it

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