Words by Ryan Spoto

Anyone who has seen The Cummies knows they are a straight up, no bullshit rock-n-roll band. You won’t see a big set up on stage, no seven-piece drum kits, no Marshall Half Stacks, no huge bass cabinet and definitely no effects pedals. One thing is for sure, it will be one of the loudest and raunchiest shows this side of the Mississippi.

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, the three boys migrated to New York City in the winter of 2006. When asked what they thought of the New York rock n roll scene, they responded, “What rock n roll scene! We have only played with a handful of bands that we actually like. Too many bands try to come up with gimmicks or try to dress the same to make it interesting and their music is shit!”

The Cummies have put out three records to date including, Suicide Tools, The Cummies EP and The Cummies S/T, all worth checking out if you fancy raw, stripped down sound of rock n roll.

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