The Politics of…

Words by Will Asbo
Photography by Marcel Dagenais

The Politics of Boss: Live From The Slave Box

The Politics Of Boss is a chain of command not to be rattled.

I understood NY had a hire & fire ethos but never realized being part of it’s “flexible” workforce would essentially be like living under some kind of despot regime.

In Europe there are directives stating that an employee can ask for a list of duties & then query anything done outside their designated role, or in extreme cases refuse to do it.

In NY however you can expect to be asked to do absolutely anything, the sky’s the limit depending on which lunatic’s microclimate you’re working in.

The only tangible advice I can offer is to simply keep it shut & abide by whatever outrageous demands are given to you.

Remember the boss can hand you a drink with one hand & scorch the entire earth with the other while expecting you just to say thanks.

The Politics of Partner: Girlfriend in a Coma

If ‘opinions are like garlic, they put people off’ then I say ‘let’s crush all those fucking cloves up.’

Little angers me more than when my girlfriend says “well, I’m not really political” or “it’s all just politics isn’t it?” before stepping back from the conversation & reclining in lethargic splendor whilst I scream into a tirade against the military, industrial, political complex or various U.S. backed dictatorships the world over. At one point I see them smile slightly as though humoring an indignant child & I’m even making up such things as Isreal, Iraq, Spitzer & governmental malpractice. However I think to deny oneself a political consciousness is to simply deny a large part of reality. An unwillingness to engage in the problems of the human conditions. Get this idiot out of my apartment.

The Politics of the Worthy: Coping Strategies For Hipster Gentrification Shock Troops

“Yeah, there were bullets flying round” drawled the hipster to me, “they were flying round but it wasn’t like they were aimed at me so it’s cool.”

This is an example of something I’ve come across regularly in Brooklyn & term it “worthy street politics.” Such a state of mind appears to entirely neglect any dangers, threats or social maladies and then criticizes those who do as paranoid. This is kind of interesting, in extreme cases a NY coping strategy & perhaps not always a bad thing.

However, when I next cross the street to avoid a shady looking bastard at 3am on an empty block I won’t be questioning my cultural & social prejudice, I’ll be grateful for that 10 yard head start I’ll have when my number comes up!

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